Guard Industry offers innovative concrete sealants, cleaners and hardening products for various concrete materials and applications. Whatever the type of concrete material, and even stone, you have, we have the right product to clean, treat, seal and extend their lifespan. With our innovative products, you can now keep your driveway, patio, walls, floors, and other surfaces looking brand new and protect them from typical wear and tear; extending their lifespan.

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Innovation is in our DNA

We strive for product innovation with 12 patented products. We use technologically advanced chemicals such as; fluorine, siloxane, silane, acrylic, elastomer or titanium dioxide. These chemicals are the best water and oil repellent protection, and high wear resistance on the market.

Our products are tested and approved

Guard Industry products show performance on a daily basis and their effectiveness has been proven by a number of studies. Our concrete sealers, cleaners and treatment products are tested by the most reputable external testing institutes in Europe.