Guard Hardener® W

High-performance surface hardener and water-repelling sealant for concrete, plaster, natural stone and brick.
Guard Hardener® W is ideal for restoring old brittle (dusty) concrete surfaces and other porous materials damaged by water ingress, damp and physical abrasion. It can also be used to protect new (fully cured) concrete surfaces from the above.

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(5 Litre | Includes Delivery)
Indicative Price per m²: R23.00

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  • Hardens the surface of the material applied to.
  • Consolidates brittle surfaces (anti-dusting protection).
  • Protects against water, damp, efflorescence, acid-rain, frost, etc.
  • Does not form a film – lets the material “breathe”.
  • Invisible and odourless – does not change the colour of the surface.
  • UV resistant, preventing colour fade.
  • Safe to use.

Suitable applications:

  • Dry or damp porous materials: cement, mortar, plaster, concrete, natural stone, brick, etc.
  • Restore crumbling /brittle concrete walls and surfaces.
  • Facades, walls and floors.
  • New or old surfaces.
  • Internal and external applications.

Guard Hardener® W is a high-performance surface hardener and water-repellent sealant. It penetrates brittle materials in order to crystallise, harden and mineralise. Once treated, the material becomes harder and resistant to harmful external factors.

Guard Hardener® W is suitable for sealing paving around swimming pools, restoring brittle concrete surfaces (kerb stones, walls, facades, etc) and can even be used to restore old monuments, fountains, facades, statues or any stone or masonry that is showing signs of physical erosion.

Guard Hardener® W possesses excellent water-repellent properties which enable the adverse detrimental effects of damp, acid rain, erosion, formation of moss and lichens, efflorescence, saltpetre formation, etc.

In addition to the water repellent properties, Guard Hardener® W has an “anti-dusting” action which hardens the surface of the concrete. Making it an ideal sealant for concrete walls and other untreated concrete surfaces which become crumbly, brittle or “dusty” over time.

Guard Hardener® W is a non-film forming impregnation product, the material remains permeable to air and water vapour. Completely colourless after application, it does not change the appearance or the nature of the treated material. It is also fully resistant to UV rays and does not yellow over time.

Surface Preparation

  1. Apply the product to a clean surface. Depending on the brittleness of the material, clean manually using a brush or chemical recommended below:
  2. To remove stains and traces of pollution, use Guard Wash® Express.
  3. To remove traces of efflorescence, laitance or grout film, use Guard Remover® Eco Efflorescence & Cement.
  4. For new, low porosity materials, use Guard Cleaner Eco® Surface Preparation prior to application.
  • Use the product in its pure form – do not dilute it.
  • Shake well before use and perform a preliminary test to check that the product has correctly penetrated and the appearance after drying.
  • The material must be impregnated up to saturation in a single coat or two coats “wet on wet” depending on the porosity.
  • Do not overload the material, remove any excess before drying. Risk of white marks.
  • Optimum efficiency reached after 2 to 7 days of drying.
  • The treated material cannot be covered by another coating.

For further information, refer to the technical data sheet and safety sheet.

Apply using a low-pressure sprayer, roller or brush.

Dimensions180 x 110 x 280mm
Safety Data SheetTechnical Data Sheet


Protection Type

Water Repellent


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